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Is Forex Megadroid a Profitable Robot for Automated Forex Trading

Forex Megadroid robot for MT4 is known to be one of the most popular and best automated forex trading software. It have been n the forex market for 6 years now (since 2009).

However, it is important to for you if you are searching for the most profitable and automated forex trading strategies that work for you, is to get the full picture in order to the right decision about whether this forex robot is the best choice for your particular needs or not.

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What’s Forex Megadroid Robot

– Forex Megadroid is the outcome of 38 years of combined trading experience. It uses an algorithm known as “Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis” (RCTPA). This technology gives the robot an absolute power to see the very near future in the forex market and predict wht will happen in the next few hours.

By combining several factors that influence the forex market, Forex Megadroid can predict forex market changes in the immediate future with up to 95.82% accuracy. it’s what will transform you from a beginner forex trader to a pip-pulling machine.

Frequent Update: Forex Megadroid has very unique feature. and it’s what separates Forex Megadroid from 99% of other forex robots is that the developers update the robot’s performance proof on a daily basis on their website.

Stealth Mode Functionality: Megadroid was designed with a built-in mechanism for that makes it 100% hidden from forex brokers.

Forex brokers won’t be able to know whether you are trading with Megadroid or not. There will be any kind of footprints which reval for the forex brokers that you use automated trading robots.

This feature comes from the robots’s ability to trade randomly during an extended trading session.

Forex Megadroid is based on a very profitable forex strategy which uses very short time frames for trading (Scalping Trading). Please read the critical review below for more about this point.

Forex Megadroid is the Only Robot That Do the Following:

– Uses a brand new RCTPA technology.
– Establishes a new artificial intelligence frontier in the industry.Is the first robot to be a true multi-market condition performer.
– Is capable of seeing into the immediate future (2-4 hours) with %95.82 accuracy.
– Can not be detected by any forex broker.
– Since its launch (march 30th, 2009) all trading results have been updated day by day.
– Has been profitable automated trading robot every single month since launch.

How Can Forex Megadroid Help to Icrease Your Profits in Forex Trading

1. Using the power of RCPTA technology, you will be able to gain huge profits. This due to its ability to predict any changes in the forex market 2-4 hours in the immediate future.

2. Easy To Downlaod & Install With Great Support: It takes just 5 Minutes to install & start trading. downloading, installing & operating a forex robot is a simple 5 step process.

However, If you do happen to encounter any issues or problems with setting up or running the robot on MT4, there is a customer support team that is ready to help you.

3. Forex Megadroid Is able run completely on its own without needing any control from you. This is because the autopilot features integrated into it.

4. You do not have to be a pro forex trader or to be a computer programer or be a professional in the market anlysis to be able to use Forex Megadroid in automated trading. Once you fire up the MT4 (MetaTrader4) with megadroid installed, it will run fully independently for you and start making fast money.

5. You can start with any amount of money. You can find many brokers wh allow you to trade in a live account with as little as $5.

6. You have nothing to loose: you have 60 full days to do whatever you want with the robot. Test it, demo trade it, live trade it, back-test it as much as you want. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can ask for a refund, no questions asked.

7. You will be free, work in your terms, when you want, when you need, no alarm clock, no stress.

Forex Megadroid Expert Advisor Robot at a Glance:

– The “Forex Megadroid” is an automated Forex trading robot. It’s not a trading indicator, or signal provider.
– It’s in the forex market since 2009.
– Works in all Market Conditions.
– Works on very short timeframes. (It’s more of a scalper)
– Works on MT4 Station.
Price: $67 One-time fee, no monthly subscriptions.
– 60 days full Money Back Guarantee By ClickBank.

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Negative Reviews for Forex Megdroid

The below is a part from an article I’ve read aboutMegadroid, I felt it’s important to mention to it here to give you the full picture from both sides (positive and negtive reviews):

“What Forex MegaDroid Promises: Given that people are immensely skeptical when it comes to scalping Forex robots these days, it’s no surprise that Forex robot sellers are resorting to bigger and bolder promises to try to sell their scalping Forex robots on their websites.

Forex MegaDroid is no different, and when you visit their website you’re immediately hit with claims of 95.82% accuracy when trading every single market and that it’s such a powerful system that you’re going to quadruple your money for sure. Well, I don’t know about you, but these kinds of claims bring up all my defenses and definitely do not buy into these kinds of hyped up sales messages.

Forex MegaDroid and any kind of ‘high accuracy’ system falls into the category of scalping Forex robots, which aim to pick up just 3-4 pips each time it trades. As a trade off for these tiny pip profits, you’re expected to allow a stop loss of hundreds or even thousands of pips in return.

Well, I don’t know about you, but a 1000 pip stop loss scares me to the core. People might think that that could never happen, but just think of the Japan 8.9 Earthquake that happened recently that caused the USD/JPY to crash more than 1000 pips in a matter of hours. If a system like Forex MegaDroid had you in the markets the exact moment it happened, you would wipe out months of trading profits in a matter of minutes…”

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