LST Trading System – Best Forex Alert System for Consistent Profits

LST Forex System – Best Semi Automated Forex Trading System!

Vladimir Ribakov LST Trading System That Works for all Traders

The “LST System” was designed to be the best forex strategy for making consistent profits, this is because it enables average traders to make a profit even if most of their trades were losers! It’s based on the main concept of forex price action trading.

What is Vladimir Ribakov’s LST Forex Trading System

LST Trading System - Best Forex Money Management TechniquesLST stands for: Learn, Simulate and Trade. Learn the system and once you’re sure you fully understand it, you will be able to practice forex trading and trade it on the unique LST forex trading simulator. Once you feel comfortable with the system and comprehend the system trading rules, it is time to trade.

The LST Forex Trading System is a unique hybrid forex price action strategy based on automated and powerful divergence in forex analysis, taking advantage of the cyclical movement of market prices.

The System comes with a unique Forex Trading Simulator – Something like a forex trading demo account. This will keep you from risking your real money until you become fully confident with LST price action trading system!

LST system is semi-automated trading system, which means it combines automated trading with manual trading. In other words, it searches many of the currency pairs along with time frames, automatically identifies the trade setups. At this point, the trader is responsible for taking the trade or leaving it.

Because the biggest problem which faces many of Forex traders is the psychological factors like fear and greed, the LST System helps the trader to be profitable even if the most of his trades were loser trades!

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What is The LST Forex Trading System

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How LST Trading System Can Help You in Forex Trading?

– You will break even and make guaranteed forex profits as long as you make 33.3% winning trades all the time. Yes, 34 winning trades vs 76 losing trades will keep you a profitable forex trader! Watch the proofs on the official website.

– LST Forex Trading System completely removes the psychological factor in trading, you will trade in more confidence and according to very powerful and profitable trading alert signals.

– Forex Strategy Tester with Forex Trading Simulator: Using the unique “Forex Trading Simulator” provided with the system, you will have the full chance to simulate and test the LST System and demo trade until you become very familiar with the system.

Thereafter, you will be ready to trade real money. This way you can get 100% comfortable with the strategies without any risk of losing money.

– You do not need to be an expert in forex trading technical analysis in order to catch winner trades, the system will give you trading signal alerts to when and where you can enter and exit, you just need to execute the trading alerts.

– The LST Forex Trading System works on proven statistic basics which are acceptable by pro forex traders. The risk-to-reward ratio is at least 1:2 or higher. Sound logical?

– You will get after-sale strong, fast, accurate and unconditional service support and assistance.

– LST is very simple to learn, and you can start working and trading once you finish reading the user manual of the LST system and watch the instructional forex tutorial videos recorded and prepared by Vladimir.

– There are no upsells to buy, nor upgraded versions, or anything like that.

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How LST Forex Trading System Works?

– The LST Trading System generates an alert signals using multiple confirmation by 3 powerful trading tools. It is built to provide clear and confident entry and exit signal alerts.

This Alert System is generated using these 3 Tools:

1. Divergence: This Divergence indicator clearly marks all divergence instances on the forex chart, and show the trader how to use them in trading, eliminating any type of guess work or mis-interpretation.

2. Candlestick Patterns Indicator: a proprietary indicator expressing specific Japanese candlestick patterns with very high success rate potential.

3. Price Tunnel: This price action indicator will dynamically adapt a special tunnel that marks reactionary areas.

All the above tools work together in harmony and are very easy to follow. They were especially built for the LST system and its specific requirements.

The LST Forex Trading System works on any time frame. In addition, it can work in any market conditions like trending markets and sideways markets. Also, this system can work effectively in trading any currency pair including major currency pairs.

The LST works on proven statistic principles. On any pip we risk, we aspire to take at least two pips. In other words, the risk-to-reward ratio is at least 1:2 or higher!

The signal alerts generated by the LST System will pop up on your MetaTrader4 and will also be sent via email.

Buy Forex Trendy NowThe LST System Full Components

Below are the full list of all items you will get when you buy The LST System

1. Forex LST System Strategy Guide
This is a proven and step-by-step guide manual to the LST System strategy, including all the tips and insights Vladimir gained from using this strategy in live forex trading.

2. Divergence Indicator
This is a unique forex indicator, developed by Vladimir and Laszlo, made it possible to help break the barrier that prevented automated identification and classification of divergences along with chart pattern recognition.
He developed this divergence indicator software. With a dedicated team of a mathematician, a specialist and two pro coders.

3. Candlestick Patterns Recognition Indicator
This chart pattern recognition indicator will accurately recognize different candlestick patterns which add more accuracy to the LST Trading system.

4. Price Tunnel Indicator
This price action indicator make it very easy to provide a clear and accurate exit signal which eliminates any confusion or hesitation.

5. Forex LST Alert Generator
No need to stay close to the screen all the time. This awesome add-on will watch the chart on behave of you, and when all trading signal conditions are met, it will create instant on-screen alert along with an email alert sent directly to your email inbox. The LST system marks the entry and exit points, and the reasons why the trading signal was generated.

6. Forex LST Template
This template applies the LST Trading System on your MetaTrader 4 charts with just one click. Everything you need is instantly displayed on the chart and ready for use, using optimized colors.

7. Live Execution Script
This live execution script makes it extremely fast and reliable to enter and exit the forex trades. Also, this script calculates the amount of pips for the stop loss and take profit BEFORE you enter the trade and displays them on the chart.
It also automatically calculates the risk-to-reward ratio for every trade, so you will decide whether this trade represents a good trading opportunity or not from a statistical point of view.

8. LST Forex Trading Simulator
One of the very unique features of the LST System is this forex trade simulator. This trading simulator tool acts as a forex trading demo account which helps you to become an expert at the LST Trading System strategy, before using it on real trading accounts.

9. Forex Video Tutorials Course
In this forex video course, you will get every aspect of the strategy explained step-by-step. This video tutorials will show you how to install the LST Trading System and how to use the forex trading simulator.

10. LST Trading Webinars with Vladimir Ribakov
You will get the LST webinars for you to watch. This webinar will help you get a powerful practical guidance on real market situations. You will see the LST in action as Vladimir applies it to his trading activity.

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The LST Forex Trading System at a Glance

– The “LST System” is a Semi-automated trading system, it just gives you signal alerts for the best entry points, and you have the choice to take it or leave it.
– It Works on MT4 MetaTrader platform.
– It works in all market conditions including sideways markets.
– It works on all currency pairs.
– It’s suitable for all type of traders.
– It works on all timeframes and trading sessions (scalping, intaday, longterm).
– Price: $197 one-time fee, no monthly subscriptions.
– 60 days full money back guarantee by ClickBank.

LST Trading System - Best Forex Money Management Techniques

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