How to Choose a Profitable Forex Automated Strategy

Are you struggling to see real profits in your Forex trading? You may not have considered the application of automated trading strategy. What makes automated Forex trading different?

The answer lies in the crucial word – automated, which means that it is free from human influence and it is not affected by decisions based on human psychology. Download and read the eBook:

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Forex Pulse Detector

Forex Pulse Detector is developed to take advantage of the market impulse. It detects when the market will reverse. Most Forex traders hunt for exactly such conditions, since they are expected to give them that extra pips.

It supports GBPUSD and EURGBP currency pairs and is compatible with M15 time frame. This makes it highly active, which leads to gaining pips quicker.

Main Features:

  • Hybrid Trading RobotIt supports both full Automated & Manual trading.
  • High Spread & Slippage Protection: Protects against unsuitable market conditions (High Spread and High Slippage).
  • Money Management: Integrated advanced money management system.
  • Works With All Brokers: Work with all brokers (including US based brokers).
  • Broker Protection: Protects against unfair brokers and their techniques of deception.
  • Hidden TP And SL: Hide Take Profit and Stop Loss from the broker. Prevent hunting.
  • Recovery System: Built-in advanced loss recovery system.
  • Lifetime Support: With FREE updates.
  • Currency pairs: GBPUSD, EURGBP
  • Time frame: M15
  • Trading frequency: High
  • Trading style: Scalping

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