Forex Megadroid Scalping Robot

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Forex Megadroid Review : In this post about Forex Megadroid EA review we will focus on the most inmportant features of this popular EA and why it’s still workin since 2009. Keep reading the Forex Megadroid review in details…

Forex Megadroid review robot is one of the most well-known forex robots. It has been in the forex market since 2009. Having said that, it’s important for you to get the entire picture to be able to take the proper decision regarding whether this forex robot is your best option or not.

What’s Forex Megadroid

– Forex Megadroid is the end result of 38 years of combined trading experience and knowledge. It incorporates an algorithm known as “Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis” (RCTPA). This concept gives the robot a complete capacity to see the very near future in the forex market and predict what will happen in the next few hours, with up to 95.82% accuracy

– Forex Megadroid relies on an extremely lucrative forex strategy that utilises short time frames for trading (Scalping).

Frequent Update: The developers of MD update the robot’s performance proof on a daily basis on their website.

Stealth Mode Functionality: Megadroid was built with a built-in system that makes it 100% hidden from forex brokers. Forex brokers won’t be capable of discovering if you are trading with Megadroid or not.

There’ll be any type of footprints which uncover for the forex brokers that you trade using a robot. This unique aspect comes from the robot’s capability to trade randomly during a long trading session.

How Can Forex Megadroid Icrease Your Profits in Forex?

1. Applying the effectiveness of RCPTA technology, it will be possible to generate big profits. This is because of its ability to forecast any changes in the forex market 2-4 hours in the near future.

2. Easy To Downlaod & Install With Great Support: It takes just 10 Minutes to install & start trading on live or demo accounts.

However, Should you happen to face any kind of problems or issues installing or running the robot on MT4, there is a support team that’s ready to assist you.

3. Forex Megadroid is able to run entirely by itself without the need for any kind of control from you. This is due to the autopilot feature built in it.

4. You do not need to be a professional in the forex market anlysis to be able to use Forex Megadroid. As soon as you fire up the MT4 with megadroid installed, it will trade completely on its own and start making money!

5. You can start trading with any amount of money. You’ll find plenty of brokers wh permit you to trade in a live account with as little as $5.

6. You have nothing to loose: You have full 60-day to do whatever you want with the robot. Test it, demo trade it, live trade it, back-test it as much as you want. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can ask for a refund, guaranteed by ClickBank, no questions asked.

Forex Megadroid Review Features

  • Forex Megadroid is in the forex market since 2009.
  • Works in all market conditions.
  • Works on very short timeframes. So it’s more suitable to scalpers.
  • Price: $67 One-time fee, no monthly subscriptions.
  • 60-day full Money Back Guarantee by ClickBank.

Try Forex Megadroid for 60 Days Risk REE

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  1. I’ve purchased this MD robot on 26 Aug 2015 and till 16 Sep 2015 it made just 1 trade!!! The good thing is that this trade was a winner.

    Really I wonder how they reach the returns they’ve claimed with this kind of trading volume? 30+ more days to continue evaluating this robot before the money back guarantee policy ends, I think that with such a rate, 60 days to evaluate this system is not enough at all!

  2. Awesome support, answered my question in under 5 minutes and resolved few issues with my trading account.. 🙂

    highly recommended

  3. I’ve been using this EA since September 2013. It makes about 1% per week (in average), that’s %4/month, not bad :). I trade using 0.15 risk factor with three different brokers.

    I am confused with the many complaints i read here and there about forex megadroid robot. What I’ve concluded from all of these complaints is that some of those users didn’t look at the manual.

    One person was fooled because the Megadroid users said to him they were going to start enforcing the one live account per license. The plain facts are they had allowed him to cheat all this time and were now going to put a stop to it. Read the manual….

    Someone else was all disappointed about the infrequent significant loss. If you can’t see the big picture, stay away from Forex.

    One more customer asked how to make the robot double-up after a loss.

    Read the manual!

    my last advice: Match the robot to the broker

    have a nice time for all 🙂

  4. I’ve read few negative reviews on this website, and really i don’t know why these bad reviews? If this robot is making 6.5% revenue for you like it is for me in the first month, i have a question: any BANK gonna do BETTER than that??? I did not think so, stop whinin and be grateful that a program out there ACTUALLY works!!!!!

  5. It’s a slow moving EA that works, but will never make you rich.

    The temporary SL is a pain, and takes a very long time to recover from, but if you’re patient it’s profitable in the long term.

  6. I set up 2 trading accounts. the EA performed wonderfully on ECN account which has spread less than 3 pips. 20 days with 24 trades all are winners!!

    On the contrary, megadroid barely made a trade on the other account which has 6 pip spread between bid and ask. 20 days with 6 trades. 4 wins and 2 lose.

    So, my conclusion here is that in order to make MD work for you effectively, you should use forex broker who provide the lowest spread as possible as he can.

  7. In my belief, Megadroid robot is a 100% scam. Let me clarify. There is a filter on the robot that filters spread. If the spread is too high it wont take the trade. This occurs on a daily basis. It says that the spread exceeded the filter and doesnt trade. I emailed Megadroid support team and they told me it was my brokers mistake. I contacted my broker and they told me it was my EA’s fault. My conclusion is that Megadroid use to be good but megadroid creators have put the spread filter to combat too many orders being filled and thus it doesnt work. Basically Megadroid team is probably trading this and they dont want anyone else trading it so they put that filter so noone else gets filled. They still make money on the EA.

  8. I use this robot since its first starting. and still performing very well and making me nice profits.Then the developer created another robot which works only on EUR/CHF. The EA is Swiss Accu Scalper.

    Now, I run both forex robots together on my account. and SERIOUSLY they BOOSTED my account balance. WOW.

    Very satisfied with the 2 robots they built.

  9. I was VERY disappointed because of the effectiveness of this robot. At the level it trades as well as the money it earns, it will need more than eight months to return my purchase price (in the event that no losses happen). 65 cents is the smallest amount earned.

    The MD robot operates on a VPS 24×7 for the last 8 weeks and has opened only 3 trades for insignificant profits, I looked at the MegaDroid statement on their website and there statement shows you 6 trades with good pips.
    So, if you asked my: should I purchase this robot? my answer would be: NO NO NO

  10. I’ve had positive experiences with MegaDroid. It’s one of the rare robots that genuinely looks like it works.

    However, what seriously worries me are the advertising emails they send out. They’re thrilled to help and support and whole hearted highly recommend any strategy or program that they can get an affiliate commissions from. If they have to use this type of thing, it surely brings into question their belief in their own forex megadroid robot.

    They punt things like ‘robots don’t work’ to ‘this new bot uses artificial intelligence’. This was sent a few days ago:

    “Neural Nets are something that we’ve been thinking about for a while now, it’s the future. In fact, it’s the only logical place for automated FX to go.

    It’s the ONLY way to achieve reliable, consistent profits with any degree of certainty.

    Take a look at them at the Traders Expo: [url]

    Why haven’t we performed this type of thing yet? Well, to be quite honest

    “it’s just very challenging and too complicated to create. There’s only a small number of folks out there that can work with Neural Nets well enough to really make something worthwhile.”

    But on their website: “Forex Megadroid Indisputably Proves A Robot Can Trade With 95.82% Accuracy In EVERY SINGLE Market Condition”

    I mean really, why are you going to spam your clients with hyped up resources that undermines your own product? Why prostitute yourselves for the sake of a few affiliate commissions, or are you making more money this way than using with your own product, MegaDroid?

  11. I’ve been implementing MegaDroid in my daily tading for over a year, at first, I used it on a demo account and then after a bit of good performance, I started to trade it on a live account. Over the past 8 months I’ve been hitting about 3.5% revenue per month. It frequently open and close between 3-5 trades per week with Alpari as my broker and although the losses can feel like a big hit they are quickly re-gained and then surpassed.

    After a year of monitoring I am now comfortable recommending this MegaDroid robot to everyone looking for a good and reliable Forex robot. It needs just a very low maintenance efforts and is able to achieve a consistent long term increase if you are prepared to long at the big picture.

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