Forex Trend Detector Robot

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1. Support of new currency pair: Now Forex Trend Detector supports also GBPUSD. The developers managed to adapt the robot trading logic to show good results on GBPUSD currency pair too. Live performance on GBPUSD is added in our website.

2. HF (High Frequency) version for EURUSD: Forex Trend Detector can trade more frequently than before. We have added a special parameter called “Use_EURUSD_HF_Settings”. When it is enabled the robot trades more and profits more. Live performance of HF version is added in our website.

3. MetaTrader 5 version included: A special version of Forex Trend Detector is compatible with MT5 terminal too. Just to remind you Forex Trend Detector is also compatible with MAC computers!

4. Optimizations and improvements: Thet have also improved the trading logic and settings to show better and even more consistent results.


Forex Trend Detector Review: Forex Trend Detector is a Forex robot built using a powerful volatility breakout trading strategy. It’s programmed using a robust and powerful algorithm which recognizes the signals of a volatility breakout.

This effective algorithm confirm the signal utilizing potent statistical techniques depending on the analysis of several years of raw data of the forex market.

It’s programmed to automatically adapt to the current market conditions. It identifies entry and exit points with extreme degree, and you don’t need to fine tune or optimize it.

Forex Trend Detector’s Verified Myfxbook Results

Below is a Fully Verified Myfxbook Results On a REAL Account

Forex Trend Detector Robot Verified Myfxbook Account

How Forex Trend Detector Review Works

  • It recognizes that a volatile market trend session is about to end.
  • It pinpoints the volatility ranges bracketing the major trend. Pay particular focus to conditions in which the volatility edges happen near significant market levels.
  • It adjusts your orders to execute depending on forecasted price ranges that capitalize on market readjustments when the volatility breakout occurs.
  • Win Rate: 4.98% Per Month
  • Profit Factor: 1.6%
  • Max. Draw Dawn: 17%
  • 15% Discount coupon available
  • 60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee By ClickBank.

Try Forex Trend Detector For 60 Days Risk-FREE

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  1. This robot promises that it has no losses since march but i want to know how there may be any losses if a single trade does not even triggered for over one month??????

    I’ve read several reviews stating the that this robot has triggered 2 winning trades in 2 weeks. I just pray when they trigger the 3 weeks it won’t make a breakthrough loss!!!

    However, i am until now did not make a single trade using this Robot, so i can not rate it with no more than ONE STAR

  2. I can say with full confidence that the Trend Detector robot deserves a rating of 5 star. I purchased this awesome piece of software in March and it since then, I’ve consistently generated wonderful trades using it when the market conditions are suitable. I’ve run it using both default settings and using a risk setting of 0.2

    Great job and wonderful robot, and thanks a lot to the developers and the support team who produced an EA which will be an excellent tool to add to your trading arsenal.

  3. I’ve bought the FTD EA 2 months ago and it’s working for me very good until now. It’s generating profits 2-4 times a week. I’m running it now on a VPS. I noticed that this robots become active only and open trades during the Asian session only and do not know whether this is the main purpose of this robot or there are more settings should I implement to make it tade all other sessions. Anyway, this robot paid for itself. thank you all

  4. I’ve bought Forex Detector and made my first 2 profitable trades. Actually i’d definitely like any Fx Automater product they produce, this because they are in the forex business for more than 7 years. Of course there is no 1 single strategy which will not face some DD period, but this strategy looks very solid and long term based. Regarding the bigger stoploss of 200 pips, one easily can avoid it by closing the trade before the weekend.

  5. I’ve purchased this Robot one month ago, yesterday, I’ve contacted them asking for a a refund. This robo was like dead, it didn’t do anything, did not open any trades, while my other EAs I was running were scalping frequently. I configured it precisely as the instruction manual told and it always had the smiley face on MT4, so I don’t believe I set it up incorrectly. The support claims that there are suitable market conditions for the EA to trigger trades. However, every other EA I’ve had on the EURUSD has at least traded twice per day.

    I do not know wehther Im impatient or not, but I at least would expect a robot that can trade at least once a week.

    The sales pitch is true – it is impossible for your broker to penalize you for scalping or trading using a robot, how would they know? IT DOES’NT DO ANYTHING

  6. best EA i’ve ever used in my trading. losses far lower than gains risk management is brilliant. my advise to eveyone thinking to use this robot: don’t watch it while it’s trading because it’ll go quite up then decrease before takes so you feel that you could have had more but it waits for it’s exit signals. i’m using it for several months now and always makes up for the losses that other robots cause.

  7. I’ve tested this robot and now I am implementing it in my real account because the demo account made the same trades like backtests which got stunning results. It’s really good that robot support several currency pairs it is good variation and it is working from 1999 in backtests so I believe that it will make some nice profits and earnings in the next future.

  8. Hi,

    I’ve been trading with this robot for 30 days, with 22 days of trading. I purchase it on 30 August and immediately installed it on my MT4 and activated on the 4 currency pairs that they recommend. In under one month, the EA has made 52 trades, 10 only were lost. So I made a net profit during 22 days of trade. I earned about $657.63. it is really a very low risk. No need to do a major setting to this EA, only at lot size. So i’m happy with this robot.

  9. I checked the account statements from myfxbook. It seems that Forex Trend Detector EA is promising robot.
    The majority of trades were opened and closed within a short time generating few pips (5-15). At the same time, it lokks like there is no stop loss. Some trades go for more than a week with a few hundred pips drawdown. Just one bad trade took the account down by about 20%. This trade was closed with minus 120 pips but it also was more than 200 pips down. So I stay away from this EA. With $397 it is quite expensive.

  10. In generall, htis robot is promising system. It is able to work on many currency pairs. I personally recommend using it on the 2 most profitable pairs. The others have a horrific problem with forces profitable trades to fall back to a loss. Additionally there is an frustrating issue with it having trades swing down into loss and then turning around and shooting into positive area, only to have the EA close the trade at breakeven. In the long term, this will be worth a chance, but this system is for the long term profit.

    I recommend it, but don’t expect to get rich quick with it 😉

  11. I got FTD robot on 3 June 2014 and started using it in trading right away on my real money account. My account has grown from $5000 to $6000 in 2 weeks. I use the risk of 0.5 (50%) that’s considered as a huge risk, I know. Yes, I love risk. But so far so good, I mean certainly it is highly effective and successful trading tool as it aviraging about $100/day in net profits. My best trading was $ 289/day profit with risk level 0.5

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