Forex Diamond EA Robot

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Forex Diamond Review Robot is Designed to Trade using 3 Proven Strategies:

Strategy #1: Safe After-Retracement

Forex Diamond monitors the forex market trying to find strong and valid market impulses. As soon as it dicovers one, It dynamically sets the best trading variables and places an order.

Strategy #2: Safe Countertrend

When the market is about to make a reverse, Forex Diamond instantly adapts your trading position to take advantage of this reversal. The Safe Countertrend strategy makes it possible for you to profit in particular market conditions dependably collecting pips while other forex robots are waiting for optimization.

Strategy #3: Aggressive Countertrend Scalping

Forex Diamond’s Countertrend Scalping Strategy utilizes small spread trades executed with precision and speed. Its dynamic trading system right away modifies your trading settings to fit with even the most risky and volatile markets.

Forex Diamond Robot Verified Myfxbook Results

Below is a Fully Verified Myfxbook Results – Win Rate: 4.12%/Month

Forex Diamond Trader Robot Verified Myfxbook Account

Forex Diamond Trader Has a Recovery Factor +40

Recovery Factor is the difference between earning average trading profits and having a profit windfall.

Forex trading professionals consider an EA with a 20+ Recovery Factor to be extremely rewarding. Actually, a 20+ Recovery Factor means that the EA is using a very good trading strategy.

Forex Diamonds with Recovery Factor above +40 means that this robot makes 40x more money than it loses which is considered as m leading score in the forex market. It measures an EA’s ability to earn more money than it loses.

It’s measured by taking your pip net profit and dividing it by your pip drawdown. For example: If your EA earns 10,000 pips and has a 500 pips drawdown, then your EA’s Recovery Factor would be 20. (10,000/500)

Forex Diamond EA Robot Features

  • Recovery Factor +40
  • Win Rate: 4.12%/month
  • Trades with 3 Proven Strategies
  • Real-Time Calculation and Adaptation to Current Market Conditions.
  • Forex Diamond needs less optimization than other EAs.
  • High Slippage Protection, Spread Protection, and a Special Trading Logic to protect profits
  • Free Self-Updating
  • 24/7 Quick Response Support
  • 60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee

Try Forex Diamond Robot For 60 Days Risk-Free and Get 15% Discount

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  1. I’ve been using Forex Diamond for 4 months now. The trading risk is hypothetically big, but overall performance is great and consistent. If you have patience and good money management, this EA would be a great trading tool.

  2. I have bought this robot one month ago, and really it was one of the wrost experience I’ve seen. It was a big disapointment. I contacted them requesting for a refund and aksing for a money back.

  3. Diamond EA has worked well for about 1 month. Then it made 3 consecutive losses which whipped out more than 50% of my live account. I stopped the EA before it could make more losses to my account. The Diamond EA developers claims they had no loosing trades for several months. However, my trade results, 2 of my friends results, all show anothe negative picture.

    How is it possible that only Diamond EA account has only winning trades for many months, while all others’ accounts are running into significant losses? Diamond EA claims and adverts are dishonest. I wrote to them asking for a refund.

  4. I got Forex Diamond EA in April 2015 and set it on a demo trading account. Then after 2 months, I set it up on my live account. On the demo, it was amazing, 58 trades 2 losses. I cranked the risk factor to 0.7 and it can make money!!

    However, with Forexmeta, the recommended broker, the EA’s overall performance is nearly big ZERO. FXDD claims it’s because on the demo server you don’t have the liquidity and real buyers ans sellers, while on the live it’s different. So did Diamond EA developers adjust this for the demo or live server. Currently, I use the demo trading to give me the proper signal for when to trade on the live account. I notice that other forex traders utilizing a different broker and achieving greater live TRADING results. Can anyone please tell me which broker is suitable to work with Diamond EA an give the same results I get on demo account.

    Many thanks in advance 🙂

  5. I notice that some traders are losing money trading with diamond robot, but I have been using it for 5 months now and did not made just one losing trade, believe it or not!!. I did not try any other before diamond robot, but I honestly believe that diamond robot has more reviews than all the other robots I heard about. My account has grown by about 66% over the past 5 months, and I did not expect this performance. It’s better than anything I have invested in before (at least, better than a bank account). Great value, great robot. Period.

  6. I’m having great success using Diamond robot with ATCbrokers. I advise everyone who can afford to trade with a $5000 capital is to try this company, their minimum is $5000. Diamond robot is still trading successfully and generating huge profits…

  7. I had quite a great expectation what this EA can make for me in forex. However after I have bought it and sterted trading on my demo account on a broker recommended by them, it made within 1 month of trading just 3 trades, one trade was at a small loss and the other 2 were winners. I asked many times, why this robot does not do any trades and the support answered that the robot needs enough time to make the neccessary calculations. At the end, I decided to request a refund and get my money back within. I will not rate it. This robot did not meet my expectations, which you might experience when you look at their sales page.

  8. I bought diamond robot one month ago and used it in trading on demo account, till nowm it did not open any trades. Can anyone here please share with me if this is common for this robot not trading for sometime? or does it need specific settings in order to work?

  9. I used Diamond EA with a great success and I found that I have to sahre my experience here with other people who submitted negative review about this robot. Before i use this robot, I wiped out all my live account with FabTurbo. I have to confess that the small losses pulled me into fake feeling of security and I increased the risk. But even so there was still quite a great percentage of serious losses enough to keep my trading account going backwards.

    With Diamond robot, some weeks have seen many trades, other weeks it made only one trade per week, somtimes, there were any trades at all. What I can say is that in just over three months I have had only one losing trade and that was only 1 PIP. Other all trades were winners and gained more pips than the losing one.

    I am very happy with Diamond robot, I am trading using default settings and reall I’m very happy. All I do now is only check in every few days to see how much profits the diamond ea has made.

    Congratulations from the deep of my heart to the developer team 🙂

  10. I’ve traded the diamond robot for 2 months and I am very satisfied with the results, It made just two losing trades in in approximately two months and the rest of the trades were winners, my trading account is growing, not doubled every month but it’s doing very well. I use risk 30%, I use this EA in trading with 2 different brokers and I noticed that it never trades both accounts at the same time so the results may vary from broker to another, but they are very decent.

  11. I’ve been trading with Diamond robot for a month now, at the same time I started to trade on live account with capital $1500 for a week and so far I’m pretty pleased.

    The demo account is doing very well, it has grown by about 50%. The live account however got a 10% loss last week, however, I’m going to let it continue trading because I’m confident that this EA will Compensates that drawdown as soon as possible.

  12. Forex Diamond is one of the best forex robots on the planet, INDEED. Not only was FX automater team so nice, theay actually gave me 2 extra weeks of trial under small circumstances. Most forex companies wouldn’t take care of you like what they claim is necessary, FX automater definitely give MORE than what is expected from them. I have been trading forex for years and its VERY tough. These folks are certainly the way to go even for industry experts. They are far from being scams. If you are afraid of scams, you SHOULD REALLY feel safe when youbuy one of their products! They indeed are the good guys.

    I would give them a 10 and not a 5 star 🙂

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