#1 Forex Training Course & Forex Mentor For Beginners

When I started my first steps in the forex trading jungle, I was very confused. I did not know where to start and what to learn, I even did not hear about the term “Technical Analysis” before. So I know exactly how a forex trading beginner feels now.

One of the best forex training courses I have found in my early days was the ‘babypips school”, It organizes all the required information and forex trading tutorials in an easy to follow forex training course… Below is a part of the introduction of the course along with the table of contents…

“… Well, let us take you through the whole schooling jungle again, but we’re doing it FX-Men style.

You’ll start schooling by rolling into pre-school with your chocolate milk and snack pack. This is where you’ll learn the basics of the forex market.

Pip Diddy, a former super underwear and sock model and now a fundamental analysis specialist, will take you through Kindergarten where you’ll learn the different ways to analyze the currency market.

If you pass, you’ll join the big boys and girls in elementary school where Big Pippin, the coolest cat in the forex block, will teach you all you need to know about technical analysis. But don’t worry, we still have nap time in Grade 1.

If you pass Grade 1, the next year you’ll enter Grade 2, and so on, all the way to the end of the summer school.

“Learn Wait. What’s that?

Summer school?

Yep. Summer school. Forex Summer School. Where you learn forex trading. Instead of algebra.

To make sure you are fully prepared for high school and the awkward challenges you will face, we’ve added summer school classes to at least help ease your academic transition…..”Read more about babypips school and start the training course here…

The Table of Contents of the Forex Training Course:

Pre-school Lessons
+ What is Forex?
+ Why Trade Forex?
+ Who Trades Forex?
+ When Can You Trade Forex?
+ How Do You Trade Forex?

Kindergarten Lessons
+ Brokers 101
+ Three Types of Analysis
+ Types of Charts

Elementary School Lessons
Grade 1     Support and Resistance Levels
Grade 2     Japanese Candlesticks
Grade 3     Fibonacci
Grade 4     Moving Averages
Grade 5     Bollinger Bands

Middle School Lessons
Grade 6     Oscillators and Momentum Indicators
Grade 7     Chart Patterns
Grade 8     Pivot Points

Summer School Lessons
+ Elliott Wave Theory
+ Harmonic Price Patterns

High School Lessons
Grade 9     Trading Divergences
Grade 10     Trading Environment
Grade 11     Trading Breakouts and Fakeouts
Grade 12     Fundamental Analysis
Grade 13     Currency Crosses
Grade 14     Multiple Time Frame Analysis

Undergraduate Lessons

Freshman Year     Market Sentiment
+ Trading the News
+ Carry Trade

Sophomore Year     The U.S. Dollar Index
+ Intermarket Correlations
+ Using Equities to Trade FX
+ Country Profiles

Junior Year     Developing Your Own Trading Plan
+ Which Type of Trader Are You?
+ Create Your Own Trading Plan
+ Keeping a Trading Journal

Senior Year     Risk Management
+ The Number 1 Cause of Death of Forex Traders
+ Position Sizing
+ Setting Stop Losses
+ Scaling In and Out
+ Currency Correlations

Graduation Lessons
+ Forex Trading Scams
+ Binary Options
+ Personality Quizzes
+ Graduation Speech

Read more about babypips school and start the training course here…

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