London Close Trade Strategy

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London Close Trade Strategy Course: What do you consider high accuracy when it comes to Forex trading? 70%, 80%? What would you say if I let you know that Shirley Hudson has achieved even superior accuracy levels, since January 2010 until the time of writing of this post.

These are the actual 90+% real performance results of Shirley Hudson. You can check out past performance proof available here.

Furthermore, this really is a forex trading strategy that anyone can master and trade just a couple of hours each day. Consider the significance for your trading career should you be ready to come even close to these really stunning outcomes.

Bellow are few statistics about here trading performance since 2010 untill today:

  • Total # of Trades: 2696
  • Winning Trades: 2553
  • Losing Trades: 57
  • Break Evens: 86
  • Total Pips Gained: 51,084 PIPs (19PIPs/Trade in average)

What is the London Close Trade Strategy?

Actually, London Close Trade Strategy isn’t as difficult as you may believe. Because Shirley lives on the West Coast of North America, she realizes it’s extremely hard to remain up overnight to trade the active London session (3AM – 8AM EST).

Rather than that, she’s a very dynamic life, so she had to change her trading to fit her lifestyle. This strategy enables her to trade around the London Close which suits her routine she can dedicate to on a steady basis.

How Did Shirley Hudson Achieved 90+% Accuracy Level?

Shirley maintains these magnificent success by trading a powerful, time-specific strategy called the “London Close Trade”. In fact, Shirley has been in a position to keep her impressive earnings since Jan 2010.

With “London Close Trade” strategy, Shirley generally do not risks more than 16 pips on average. Actually, her reward-to-risk ratio is about 1.6 to 1 on average and she has held it constantly at this level since Jan. 2010..

Since January 2010, Shirley has generated about 51,084 pips in total profits (and counting…) applying this simple and straight forward “London Close Trade” trading strategy.

Out of 2696 total trades, an incredible 2553 were winners!, 86 were break-even trades and just 57 trades were losses! That’s an incredible gain of 20 pips per trade!

Shirley is a conservative trader and has a low tolerance for risk. This is why this strategy performs perfectly for her. It maintains her risk so low that emotions never play a role in any of her trades. This has allowed her to persistently incorporate this strategy in her daily trading.

What You’ll Learn in the London Close Trade Strategy Course

The Theory behind the London Close Trade (LCT)

  • The London Close Set Up
  • Trade Entry Explained
  • Setting the Stop Loss
  • Profit Targets and Trade Management
  • Setting Up Your Trading Day
  • Tips & Tricks i Trading
  • Questions and Answers

The Benefits of the London Close Trade Strategy Course

  • An extremely time-specific trade, so no need to be in front of your computer for long time waiting for trade setup!
  • Perfectly outlined guidelines, making the strategy completely objective
  • Extremely high precision, offering a good psychological improve to struggling traders..
  • Regular trades, so even more opportunities to gain more pips.
  • Strategy powered by an established, REAL track record. No need to re-invent the wheel!
  • A terrific method to incorporate more trades to your existing longer term strategy

You’ll master the whole strategy step-by-step using illustrations and trade samples in this unique video training course. You will get the extensive idea of what Shirley does regularly to get her outstanding results.

Who Is The London Close Trade Strategy Course For?

The London Close Trade Strategy Course is for you in case you are:

  • Dreaming to get involved more actively in the markets on a regular basis.
  • A longer term, or swing trader, who want to get extra earnings while waiting for longer time frame set ups to take place.
  • If you’re only looking to trade just a couple of hours a day.

About Shirley Hudson

Shirley has been an enthusiastic Forex trader since the 1980’s. She started out with stocks and moved into options before she chosen the Forex.

Shirley Hudson employed the tactics she learned to trade the London Close and Recurring Forex Patterns with extraordinary accuracy. Shirley now shares her strategies and ideas via webinars, courses, daily service & workshops.

Try London Close Trade Strategy For 30 Days Risk-FREE

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  1. I am really making the most of this LC trade. I traded the eur/usd and usd/jpy today, gained 89 pips average 23 for 4 lots. Total trades since webinar are 13 8 of which were profitable. I’m still working through some negative behaviors (pushing the trade). Most of the pips were a result of the the very exact strategy (enter, stop, limit)

    Morever, this strategy is providing me with the discipline that was absent. LC strategy was the only strategy I used in my trading last month and I’m a lot more comfortable. Having said that, I had two open trades with pending profits and stoploss at breakeven, and two in limit position today. Two to three for me at the moment is enough.

    Shirley is amazing doing 6 the other day. Her perfect, thoughtful work and her strict devotion to risk control has led me to a greater trading position.

  2. Very GREAT strategy from awesome people!

    With LC, it was the first time for me to close one week on net profits!!! YES, that’s true… I struggled so much with alot of strategies and trading systems that did not work for me. LC was the first one that made me consistent profits for long week.

    I’ll stick with it nad will only trade using it.

  3. I purchased the LCT course On March 2016. I immediately started puting it into action and traded in my account using this strategy after watching the videos.

    I’ve made 9 trades, all have been profitable!!!. This was extraordinary for really a simple strategy. My thanks to Shirley and Vic. I think this will be my only trading method from now onwards.

    It’s very simple strategy, yet extremely powerful 🙂

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