Traders Academy Club by Vladimir Ribakov

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Traders Academy Club is an online Forex trading coaching community which combines the smartest Forex traders in the market for an exceptional live trading experience.

Traders Academy Club is an educational community where you can find rewarding and profitable trading setups, talk to other professional and elite Forex traders, and remain to grow your Forex trading experience with the help and advice provided to you by expert trader and instructor Vladimir Ribakov.

Why Traders Academy Club?

Traders Academy Club is priced at just $97 per year. This very low price range, if compared with another similar services available online, proves that Vladimir and his team are not in this for the sake of money.

Without a doubt, there are expenses and costs of getting 24/7 support, learning trading videos every single day, and keeping up a database with a huge number archived videos.

All of that needs to be covered, so this is why Traders Academy Club isn’t absolutely free, and there is a minimal yearly cost where any one can afford to pay for every year.

What You Will Get After Joining Traders Academy Club

  • A Straightforward Web based Dashboard Including Everything in One Place
  • Live Trading Room Classes With Vladimir and Special Guest Traders 2 times Daily
  • Daily Trading Reports Including Trading Tips and Explanation 2 times a Day
  • Media Zone with Archives of Each Day’s Live Trading Classes
  • Download Invaluable eBooks and Trading Tools
  • Live Chat Room to Interact With Vladimir and Other Traders
  • Full Access to A large number of Archived Training Videos
  • 24/7 Support Via Live Chat

Once you join Traders Academy Club, you are going to sit back and watch Vladimir trades the markets in real-time applying powerful technical analysis strategies such as Hidden Divergence, Fibonacci Retracements, etc.. On top of that, Vladimir will illustrate the right way to use his powerful algorithmic trading strategies the best and the effective way.

The bottom line is, by trading with Vladimir in real-time, you will discover an effective way and the perfect time to use each strategy and to surely turn into an expert in forex trading all the time.

The Live Trading Webinars

Every day in the week , Vladimir and his team perform 2 live trading room training sessions, up to 50 minutes each, where trading suggestions and the technical aspects behind each trade are discussed. So you’re not just receiving trade entry signals, but you’re gaining knowledge of the analysis behind these signals to help you to master the markets by yourself.

The two live sessions are performed during European and American time zones. However, if you miss a live webinar or can’t be there at the time, you could watch a saved copy of each day’s videos in the Media Zone section.

The best part is, once you’re a member of Traders Academy Club, in addition to daily trading room classes, you’ll also gain the rights to watch 2,000+ trading videos offering information material you can’t find anywhere else.

About Vladimir Ribakov

Vladimir Ribakov has been trading in the Forex market for more than 10 years and counting. When he isn’t offering multi-day extensive workshops worldwide, he enjoys spending his time helping his online trainees to become expert and successful Forex traders.

With that said, Vladimir is at a convenient position in his trading career, and he doesn’t run Traders Academy Club for the money.

Vladimir employed a group to launch Traders Academy Club to share his extremely powerful expertise with subscribers of the community who are enthusiastic and prepared to learn. Forex trading has offered him much more than he ever dreamed, and he definitely would like others to achieve most of the advantages of trading for a living.

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  1. In general, I’m really completely happy with the traders academy club service and would definitely endorse it to others. It’s highly informative and has exceptional training components, daily updates, live rooms and very active team relationship. It’s awesome.

    I became a member of the earlier version of the club, where it was just a signal service: VladimirForexSignals. In its early days, it has already been offering a wonderful service in terms of both training resources and efficiency. I participated in the forex world, and began to learn, I opened a forex trading account in order to apply what I learn from the club. Although I made some few money management flaws, in the long run and after about 8 months of consistent trading, I closed in profit. As a result, I can say for sure and based on my personal experience that if you stick to the rules, you without doubt will be profitable in the long run.

    When Vlad moved from VladimirForexSignals to the Traders Ckub, and stopped the signal services, I honestly was a bit hesitant in the beginning, because the new service did not include signals anymore, alternatively it offered just details on how to trade by yourself using Vlad’s trading systems, or any other system. However, once I began to follow, I recognized that the new training service is far better than before and if you’ve got the time to enroll in and learn, it is going to make a massive impact in your trading. That’s because you won’t be just blindly following entry and exit signals, instead, you have to think and understand why and when you take a trade.

    For all of those who don’t know about the the Traders Academy Club, I’ll try to mention to the most important part of this awsome club:

    The Main Website: There is a lot of training resources and you’ll need a long time to discover all of it. From beginner to high level topics. There’s a section dedicated to guest traders which is exceptional as well.

    Live Trading Rooms: You will find two live trading sessions every day, one with Vlad and one with a member of his team, in which you can analyze live the market directions and updates, and interact with them. If you can’t be present at the time of the session, you’ll be able to download the recordings at a later time, and ask your questions, which are always answered.

    This really is of big benefit, and Vlad and his team put a big effort in setting up the sessions, recording, and publishing, and best of all, they’re trying to find the maximum benefit for the members. Also, they’re ready to accept recommendations about the format of the session, and on the whole other aspects of the club.

    Members Communication: It’s the very best part in the traders club, and I really like the way Vlad and his team members work together and moderate the discussions.

    Reports: You’ll receive reports on a daily basis considering the directions Vlad and his team are trading, with validations and invalidation plan, and the reasoning for each of them

  2. Because I’m currently a member of the Traders Academy Club, I can say that it’s the perfect Forex community I’ve ever took part in. in my membership area, I have access to numerous webinars which represents a huge benifits for both beginners and expert traders.

    Furthermore, Vlad performs weekly and daily US and EU analyses. Also the training team in the club teach all members the most effective methods and alert us whenever the market becomes at high risk.

    In few words, I can tell for sure that this traders academy club is the best club to become a real trader. It’s great pleasure to get the chance to be trained by one of the greatest traders. This club is now an essential part of my everyday life!

  3. Traders Club of Vladimir and his team is the most beneficial community every trader needs in order to be successful in the Forex market.

    I’ve been a subscriber of Trading Academy Club for 5 months and through this short time I could improve my trading skills and maximize it effectively. My ambition as being a good Forex trader became workable and achievable. I’m now feeling thankful to Vladimir and his amazing team for their commitment in offering high quality training and advice to use the strategy properly on a regular basis. The cycles approach in conjunction with Vladimir’s strategies deliver an incredible success rate.

    This club is definitely the best community for Forex traders since Vladimir does exactly as the old Chinees proverb tell, doesn’t feed you fish but show you how you can fish that allows you to fish for yourself and others.

    God bless Vlad and his team

  4. I’ve joined Vlad’s training club few months ago, and honestly, it was one of hte best steps I eve made in all my life. Joining the club made my trading straightforward and clear and how to stick to the rules. that was extremely useful for me.

    Before i found the traders academy club, i was search for success in trading for more than 5 years, I lost alot of money, but after a short period of time being a member of the club, i’m now a successful trader making so many profitabel trades, but, to be honest, I have also some few losing weeks, but that happens only when i do not follow the rules. anyway the final outcome of my trading activity is always profitable.

    i can in full confidence, really recommend anyone to join the academy club of Vlad. the membership cost is seriously nothing for all the benifits you will get after joining the club.

    Good time to all

  5. I started following Vladimir abou 3 years ago on his youtube chanell. Recently, he launched his new project for training forex traders, traders academy club, and Idecided to join it but unfotunately, I faced few financial issues which postponed my participation.

    Vladimir is always excited to give his advises and mentoring services from newbie to innovative traders. He always is present to reply to to any questions even if it’s silly for some other folks. With live trading classes, he provides you with obvious reading about cycles and psychological issues which form a serious challenges for every trader.

  6. Few words to all Forex trading participants:

    Vlad’s training club is just the right place to become a Real trader, not just a Forex analyser. It’s very easy for every one to be an Analyzer, but i’s very hard to become a REAL Forex trader. Vladimir is the one who will help you to become REAL trader.

    I’ve joined soo many online training courses with big names and they really helped to know a lot about Forex and how to become a good Forex reader and market analyser, but the only one who helpem to become a REAL trader, was Vladimir.

    thanks a lot for you Vlad and for your awesome team

  7. I was searching for reliable and trusted Forex mentors for the past year and at last I’ve located the RIGHT one. His name is: Vladimir Ribakov

    Vladimir is one of the greatest Forex mentors and teachers you can come across. His techniques are just right and he’s a real reputable man, he has a wide variety of choices of training to choose between.

    Vlad’s online site is quite simple to utilize and all the stuff is extremely cost-effective and certainly is of great benefit, I’ve learned a lot employing his trading tips and the training I’ve recieved is actually amazing.

    There was a time when i would lose nearly all my trades but now I trade Forex with a consistent 85% win rate. And no, I really don’t do business with him nor am I getting paid to write this review. I am 100% HONEST.

    On top of that, his personal help and support to me is exceptionally great, I receive replies in just few hours.

    Thank you Vlad…. 🙂

  8. I know Vladimir Ribakov since few years when he was just offering a signal service. When he launches his academy I did not hesitat to join him because I really know who is Vladimir Ribakov. Vlad performs a daily market analysis depending on what is going on at the moment and he helps traders learn how to see the market as it is.

    He explains how to trade in every market conditions and most of all he explains exactly what are the bad times when not to trade. Vlad and his team members trade Forex for a living, therefore what they teach in the club comes from an actual market experience not just theoretical examples.

    The traders academy club helps all types of traders. Individuals who use a specific trading strategy or those who trade using only price action, all will get benefit. Ican tel in full confidence that my trading style has significantly became perfect since joining the academy club with Vladimir. I became in full control and know exactly how to behave in a certain situation

  9. Vlad is the best Forex mentor out there. PERIOD

    During the past few years of knowing Vladimir Ribakov (AKA Vlad), when he first began his publishing his trading activity online and developing some forex trading indicators, I was in fact skeptical. He’s a Russian forex coach who offers signals and training services? I decided to join his program to see wht he can offer me. Honestly, it was like the very first time you place a trade and it hits the profit target without touching it.

    It’s all about RESULTS!

    Vlad has showed me seeing that how can I hold my hand as I go along and trying to learn all the stuff I know lol. His knowledge and daily chart studying and suggestions for all his trainees is second to none.

    Give it a try and join Vlad’s training club for only $97 per year, believe me, it’s not a huge risk!! The club with the family of traders will help you what to do with cycles divergences. Vlad and Yordan are great men. Vlad is the man for me as he has taught me from the vey first day. Yordan is very good trader and mentor as well.

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