VicTrade Strategy Course by Vic Noble

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VicTrade Strategy Course Review – The expert Forex trading coach, Vic Noble, launched the VicTrade strategy in 2006, more than 10 years ago, andsince then, the standard parameters haven’t modified.

What has improved are some enhancements and nuances that actually super-charged it, offering traders incredibly defined entry signals with more tight stops which giving a incredibly charming reward to risk ratios.

What Is VicTrade Strategy Course Review?

The VicTrade strategy course is a short term, day-trading trading pattern centered almost specifically on price action (Fibonacci levels), the only indicator being used is the MACD.

This strategy is designed to capture the momentum of the day. It is a very simple setup.The parameters for a setup will greatly increase the odds of success, as well as providing extremely attractive reward/risk ratios.

The VicTrade pattern is formed virtually every single day, which make it incredibly attractive to traders regardless of where they live.

This is an easy trade setup which works in all market conditions (ranging markets, trending markets, non- trending markets) and in addition works well as a counter-trend trade.

And because VicTrade strategy course review is a day-trading strategy, and it can be traded at extreme conditions, it doesn’t need big price move to generate excellent profits.

VicTrade strategy course is most suitable for day traders and those looking for daily trading opportunities, also it can work vey well with long term traders, as the it an be used on higher time frame charts as well.

Vic developed the VicTrade strategy course with 2 goals in mind:

  1. To provide traders with a stand-alone, single approach to trading the Forex.
  2. To show traders of all skill levels how to find these trades, how to enter them, where to place stops, take profits, etc.

What Does VicTrade Video Course Include?

The VicTrade strategy course from Vic Noble includes the following information material:

  • The Full VicTrade Video Course
  • Sample VicTrades Library
  • Bonus Supply/Demand Video Course
  • Indefinite Online Access
  • Follow-up Email & Webinar Support

What You’ll Learn in VicTrade Strategy Course

  • How to find the VicTrade on the Chart
  • Exactly how and where to enter the VicTrade
  • Where to place the stoploss
  • How to manage a VicTrade and where to take profit
  • How to use Support & Resistance levels effectively
  • How to use Supply and Demand levels (huge advantage!)
  • Where institutional order blocks are and how to take advantage of them
  • When NOT to take a VicTrade (very important)
  • Tips and Tricks for further enhancement and risk reduction


FREE with a currently active member or new Coach Corner Subscription
– $157 one time fee.

Try VicTrade Strategy Course For 30 Days Risk-Free!

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  1. I used VicTrade in my trading last month many times and I could generate over 40% of net profits for this month. I have had an impressive recovery with my trading activity. I’ve simplified it down to a number of things:
    – Concentrating on just one trade setup which I can recognise and I figure out why it works (Vic trade on 1H chart) PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE

    – I now became able to know exactly where I should place my order and DO not touch it. If I’m filled, I’m filled. If not, no big deal. I check out 10 currency pairs every day. Something almost always sets up and gets hit before my trading day is over. I always cancel any open orders immediately after it becomes 2:00 p.m. CT. Live to trade another day!.

  2. I’m so happy to find you applying S/D zones, I’m fairly experienced with them and utilize them frequently, and your strategies appear much more sophisticated, although they weren’t requiring anything at all.

    Vic Trade is Kin

  3. Great strategy

    Really Vic has mad an excellent work with this solid strategy. I especially like the new tiny changes. He made more great changes which makes this pattern even more clearer and one I seriously want to focus on.

    Great job Vic

  4. I’ve bought few of Vic’s courses such as: coach’s training course and as well forex scalping course, and finally I’ve bought this one, VicTrade strategy course. And I can say for sure that this course is amazing, it joins everything with each other perfectly for me. Few weeks ago, my largest profit was $820.

    Tonight, I just captured $1120 with just 5 trades. I simply continued going from one range of support/resistance, gaining nice profits, and then shifting to the next range. This was all during the London session and took just under 3 hours. Vic’s course helped me so much as I implemented the idea of overlapping fibs, which worked well perfectly. Quite amazing, I have to admit.

    Many thanks for Vic for being there for all of us beginners.

  5. This is really an exceptional course from Vic again. He performed a great task working into organizing and creating it. He has mad great effort in clearing up the course material without making it complicated and are incredibly comprehensive.

    There’re many details presented which i had left behind. Here is an example, I usually add the pip spread to my order when buying but had ignored adding the spread to the stop when selling, even though I new the objective of the stop was to buy, to close out the sell order.

    It had never sunk in. The trade examples he teaches in the course for the demonstration are excellent. Once again I could not be pleased with the formatting and content material of the course.

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