Make 10-20 PIPs a Day Manual Forex Trading Strategy

This simple manual forex trading strategy will make you 10-20 pips every day and may be more, just follow the strategy rules as described below.

Here’s the trading setup, entry rules, stop loss rules, and exit rules of this 10-20 PIPs/day trading system. I truly believe it can potentially generate much more than 10-20 PIPs a day.

Timeframe: 1H timeframe

Indicators used:
1. 5-period Exponential Moving Average (EMA 5) applied to the Close.
2. 12-period Exponential Moving Average (EMA 12) applied to the Close.
3. 21-period RSI (RSI 21)

Entry Rules:


Entry Rules for Long (Buy) Trades:
Enter long (buy) when EMA 5 crosses EMA 12 to the upside…
AND our RSI 21 > 50.

Entry Rules for Short (Sell) Trades:
Enter short (sell) when EMA 5 crosses EMA 12 to the downside.
AND RSI 21 < 50.

Stop loss = 20 – 30 pips, depending on the volatility of the currency pair.
For more volatile pair, like GBP/USD, stop loss = 30 . For less volatile pair, like EUR/USD, use stop loss of 20 pips.

Exit Rules for Long Trades:
Exit the trade when EMA 5 crosses back below EMA 12
Or when RSI 21 < 50.
Or when price stalls at major resistance, trendline, pivot points, fibonacci projection target.
Or when bearish engulfing patterns or inverted hammer patterns form.

Exit Rules for Short Trades:
Exit our short trade when EMA 5 crosses above EMA 12
OR RSI 21 > 50


Short Trade Example:


Long Trade Example:


There you have it. A manual trading system for consistently making a conservative 10-20 pips a day.

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