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Forex Trendy Review – Forex Trendy is a tool runs on a remote server, it’s NOT a Forex indicator. It scans and analyze Forex charts online for 34 currency pairs on all time frames every second from minute frame to monthly frames to show you what is the best trend to trade.

Forex Trendy depends on price action to determine the trend. It will help you to stay away at the choppy times of the market. it will help you identify the best trending currency pairs list to trade with a high winning probability.

Forex Trendy Review Features

  • Forex Trendy works on the remote server, you don’t need to install any software on your PC.
  • Forex Trendy works on MetaTrader4 platform.
  • Forex Trendy works on all timeframes and trading sessions.
  • Price: $37/Quarterly
  • 60 days full money back guarantee.

– No need to download any software or to make any installation on your PC. Forex Trendy runs on a remote server, and send you the trend scanning results online on time.

Forex Trendy will keep you from struggling with the erratic market chaos when the trend direction is unclear. You will be able to take only confident trades in the best markets at the current time.

Try Forex Trendy Scanner For 30 Days Risk FREE

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  1. First of all, Forex Trendy is not a strategy by itself, nor it’s an indicator. Rathermore, you my consider it as a pattern recognition confirmation tool will just will add more confirmation to your trading decessions, regardless the strategy you are using.

    I joined for 3 months subscription for only $37. After one week of trading, I decided to do a small test for my reference to see how many of all signals provided by Forex Trendy were right. From Monday to Friday from 9AM to 6PM and from 9PM to 12PM (UTC + 2:00) I put into notice all delivered chart patterns. I found out that about 50% of all provided signals were accurate and rprofitable. This isn’t bad at all. If you apply your own strategy as I did you can increase this percent signifacntly. I raised it to 65-75% which means 70% in average of all my trades were winners. What I don’t like in this software is the fact that not all recognized patterns were valid patterns.

  2. Forex Trendy is the perfect software ever!!

    Yes! It’s the best trading software ever developed! I did statistics on this tool on all the configurations on the scanner and the best for performance on a daily basis is Good!

    And these was my results:

    5 minutes result 80% correct.
    15 minutes 90% correct.
    30 minutes 100% correct.
    one hour 100% correct.
    4 hours 60% correct daily same weekly 83 % and mm 66%.

    I’m definitely surprised how many people get results depending on their state of mind. Small minded persons get small or nothing at all. then they ask for a “REFUND”. I’d like to say to those people: You are the main issue, not the tool you’re using. You are losers from the beginning.

    If you don’t understand how great this software is, and you can’t use it to your advantage, so, here is my advise to you: GIVE UP FOREX NOW.

  3. I’ve joind forex trendy for one month for the purpose of testing it, its really working good.

    In general, I trade forex implementing pure price action methods, I use forex trendy as a signal validator, it really helps me to confirm my trades. My trading results became far better than before…


  4. I’ve made several amazing trades employing chart patterns on forex trendy on short time frames (5m, 15min, 30min). I don’t trade every time frame, that’s just silly. When I get a trading signal, I study the pattern on a higher time frames as well. I may trade 3 out of 10 patterns only. Its a an assistant tool to help me to confirm my potential trades.

    To be fair, I consider it as an alert tool, not a buy or sell signal.

    Anyway, I love it and will continue to use it…

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