How to Clear Your Mind While Trading Forex

Anxiety associated with trading is common especially among new traders. What may surprise some is that during the trading week 95% of my screen time is spent looking for trade setups. The remaining 5% is spent checking on my active traders.

However, when I was a new trader, I recall having the same challenge of feeling anxious while trading. This is largely due to a lack of confidence in one’s decision making skills.

To help overcome this issue, I maintained a list on my iPhone of 15-minute tasks that I could do to help take me away from my screen, because I was aiming to stop interfering with my trades.

Eventually, I started doing 2 15-minute tasks. Over time, this helped me to allow my trade setups sufficient time to fully develop and follow through towards my profit target.

As time progressed and I began to develop a successful track record it becames easy to walk away from my screen for hours at a time and even carry active trades while I sleep and into the weekend.

Know more by watching this video:

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