sRs Trend Rider Live Trade Example#1 EURUSD 21-03-2016

Currency pair: EURUSD

Time frame: 5M

Potential Profits: 10 PIPs

  1. The sRs Trend Rider Indicator (the dashboard on the top left corner) showed me a Conservative SELL signal alert. (the 3 Red arrows).
  2. Once I got the signal alert, I drew the trend line from the last lower low to the preceeding lower low (as shown on image#1) and waited untill the price makes a breakeout and close below the trend line.
  3. On image#2 you will see the price has already made a breakout and closed below the trind line (this is the ENTRY point)
  4. Then, the price has moved by at least 10 PIPs. (image#3)

Conclusion: may be this is not a good trade but with a good trade management you can make profits even from such low quality trades.

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EURUSDM5-sRs-trend-rider-trade-example-forex-21032016-6-2 Image#3

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