sRs Trend Rider Live Trade Example#5 EURUSD 23-03-2016

Currency pair: EURUSD

Time frame: 15M

Potential Profits:  20 PIPs

  1. The sRs Indicator (the dashboard on the top left corner) gave a Conservative SELL alert. (the 3 Red arrows).
  2. I drew the trend line and and wited for the price to make a breakout and close below the trend line.
    Please Note: I did not enter the trade just after closing below the trend line, I waited for more confirmation by closing one more candle below the last swing low. Anyway, it’s up to you to decide which signal you will take in such examples. (see image#1)
  3. As you see on image#2; the price has moved by 20 PIPs, you can then follow any trade management to take this profits out of the market.


(Please note: I was late in taking this snapshot for the trade, but the conservative sell siganl was already given before the entry point shown on the image above.)


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