sRs Trend Rider Live Trade Example#6 EURUSD 23-03-2016

Currency pair: EURUSD

Time frame: 5M

Potential Profits:  -15 PIPs (Losing trade)

(This trade is a great example for how the price may temporarly reverse against you just to hit your stop loss then go back and move in the original direction.

This is how the Forex market works, and this why you should pay close attention to where and how to place your stop loss wisely in a way that keeps you in the market as long as possible without rsiking much money in your trades.)

  1. The sRs Indicator (the dashboard on the top left corner) gave a Conservative SELL alert. (the 3 Red arrows).
  2. I drew the trend line and and wited for the price to make a breakout and close below the trend line.  (see image#1).
  3. The price just after the braekout entered in avery tight consolidation then reversed to hit the potential stop loss, after that, it went back and moved in my direction). the potential loss was 15 PIPs.




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