Forex Mentor PRO Review By Mark Walton

I’ve tested and tried many and varied price action strategies but none of them could explain to me why the price action act the way it does. Keep reading the Forex Mentor PRO review below…

Until finally I joined Marc Walton’s Forex Mentor PRO course, it showed me the whole picture unfold and now I can clearly see why price operates the way it does.

Marc’s Forex training course and trading systems are excellent and the monthly cost (you can get it back at your first trade) are low and budget friendly for almost any beginner.

I like his trading approach following price action (let the price comes to you) and highly recommend this training system. You can’t go without it.

The video above explains and review every aspect you need to know about this Forex training course, please watch it to its end, you will get the full picture about this training system and how it will help you make consistent profits in the Forex market.

What’s Forex Mentor Pro Mentorship Program?

Forex Mentor Pro is a full Forex training course based on a monthly membership, managed by “Marc Walton” as well as his team of professional traders dedicated to help you succeed, Pierre Du Plessis and Omar Eltoukhy.

Forex Mentor Pro Components

Below you will find out all the components of this training course:

1. 3 Powerful Forex Trading Systems

This is the main component of the Forex Mentor PRO training course, It consists mainly of 3 powerful trading systems, each one of these 3 trading systems is focused on one main type of trading in the forex market:

A. M1–M2 Trading System

The M1 Forex trading system is a day trading system based on London Open Breakout Strategy, if you’re not able to trade the the London Open due to your time zone or your current job interferes, so no problem, the system has plenty of other methods to get around this issue.

The M2 Forex trading system deals with more longer term outlook and will teach you how to set the ‘trading traps’ to catch pullbacks in a the current trend at high probability areas. In the M2 trading system, you don’t have to stay close to your trades, it’s a set and forget system.

B. Earth & Sky Trading System

This is a unique and powerful Swing Trading System focused on medium to long term trading. It’s based on weekly fib levels and moving averages. This trading system predicts market swing point often days in advance.

Pierre will show you exactly how he pinpoints his entries by using pivot points and then uses the Euro Index to back up his trades and add an extra edge into his trading strategy.

When you this system with the tips and tricks he reveals in this Forex training course you will be on your way to making winning trades and consistent profits.

C. Simple Trend Trading System

The STT – Simple Trend Trading – system is based on the Price Action, which is designed so you can trade without being stuck in front of your charts all the day.

Using this trading system, Lot of members pulls hundreds of pips every single month without the need to stay a long time in front of their charts. they just need few hours a week to trade and make consistent profits.

You will learn how to analyses simple trend trading and place trade setups and how we filter the good setups from the bad.

You will also learn how we gauge the power of a trend before deciding which currency pairs to trade, a valuable technique that can be used with any system.

2. Private Members Forum

Join the FMP family, meet other members and ask questions, many of our members are now professional full time traders and happy to help you.

3. Daily Video Analysis Of Trades

When you join the Forex mentor pro training course, you will watch videos for all trades planned by the trainers in advance. In these analysis videos, they will explain what they are looking at with each trading system for the days and weeks in advance.

4. Proven and Effective Trading Indicators

You will get unlimited access to custom propitiatory Forex trading indicators as well as many of trading tools designed to make your trading life easy and profitable.

5. Full Step-By-Step Video Training

Even if you are a total beginner Forex trader, you will get all the tutorials and information you need through a step by step online Forex video course.

Try Forex Mentor Pro For 60 Days Risk-FREE

Try Forex Mentor Pro For 60 Days Risk-FREE

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  1. i would not take the time wasting your time and money, listening to a pratt, who forecasts where the forex market will go in the near future. In most cases, his forecasts are wrong, which is actually frustrating when you’re trading 4hr and takes years for the price to make a move, only to find out it has not reversed as your guru (marc) would forecast. stay away,

  2. I have been trading forex for over 4 years now. I have paid lots of money for robots, automated systems, courses, strategies, etc.. All without any ffective results. At last, I met a few person’s who learn how to trade forex efficiently and for a minor cost. I have to admit that Marc Walton and his team at Forex Mentor Pro have been exceptional within their training and enthusiasm to show new and expert traders how to trade systematically and successfully. If you are simply getting concerned with Forex or if you are an experienced trader and still have difficulties with gaining profits, you would be VERY WISE in signing up with these guys.

    There is something to be said about trading together with another person who actually knows technical analysis and who is very thorough yet very commendable. I were feeling that Marc was my trading partner all the time I was engaged in Forex Mentor Pro. I devoted 6 months attempting to improve my skills with a true Forex Pro. If you want to learn how to trade the Forex markets in a secure, safe and effective yet rewarding matter you WILL NOT find a better place to do so. Don’t throw away your money elsewhere.

    You won’t need to waste alot of money every month to learn how to trade forex, although learning from Marc would be well worth that. The fee of FMP course is vey small if compared to the experience, information and knowledge you’ll learn if you put it inot action. Don’t be one of the 98% who come and go in the Forex market. Marc and his team will train you their trading strategies to generate profits while protecting your capital!

  3. I have bought every holy grail course and trading system out there, and subscribed to more products and services than I like to admit to. However, this FMP was the only one I’ve found myself excited to write a review about. The Forex Mentor Pro program is exceptional, the info is priceless and very helpful, and provided by Marc and his team. Thus system isn’t a get rich quick scheme, that means that you must be well prepared to get carry out hard work, but I believe that’s what sets this aside from the rest of training systems available everywhere.

    If this course materials were easy, everybody would be performing it, but if this course doesn’t put you on the right road, nothing else will. In my opinion, I cannot talk a lot enough about this FMP course and trading system. However, all I can say in full confidence is that should you decided to join FMP course, you will not be disappointed.

  4. I checked out my computer this morning before going to my work. I looked at the live lessons from yesterday’s session after I back to home coming from work, but today I preferred to listen to it live. I know the M2 strategy and started to apply it. I’ve even understood and learned the right way to set up the Earth and Sky zone strategy, but I still trying to figure out the right way to to enter a trade.

    I am trading much less trade using FMP’s M2 system. I made 6 trades winning in the past 3 weeks, and I missed another few potential trades because they broke through resistance and did not retested it again, but that’s ok.

    Great course for great instructor, Many thanks 🙂

  5. I would like to write here just to say to Marc Walton: “THANK YOU” for his honesty and reliability, his great and valuable advise, his purity to say facts exactly like they are. As a matter of fact, Forex Mentor Pro is the perfect level of quality training course I’ve ever seen.

    Not too long ago, I’ve became a member of forex mentor pro, I did not realize what I am about to find out because I had been a member of another training course in which I did not prefer their attitude to become rich very quickly and so fast. What forex mentor pro course educates is precisely what a forex trading newbie like me wanted to learn.

    in short, FMP is the BEST of the best

  6. I have joined Forex Mentor Pro 4 years ago, and I’m fery happy I did. It improved my trading performance for a big degree. I applied the M2 trading system and Earth and Sky system with great success. Their community forum is amazing, they answer all questions promptly and also it’s friendly and helpful. In fact, they are a great group. I have had some coaching which was a piece of cake to schedule and seriously made it possible for me to start trading with confidence and the tutorial videos were comprehensive.

    I have got a lot of self-confidence at FMP and the training proceeds on a daily basis with videos covering market analysis, both fundamental and technical, which was a real and extremely helpful. It’s in the bi-weekly video analysis that the training materials is implemented and is taken with each other. It isn’t just one trading system, so you can pick what you see is best suited to your own style. All the essential trading tools are there.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to endorse it to any one looking for the best mentoring program. It was a real learning curve experience and I at all times felt supported and helped. I am still a member for 4 years and it’s still worthwhile to me.

    Before I came here I felt like giving up but I have been lucky, discovered the right place, put in the hard work and now I am finding the results!

  7. When I become a member of Forex Mentor Pro I had troubles. In the beginning, it was extremely hard, complicated and challenging for me to break away from short term trading methodology. I needed to few months to overcome this habit. Now, I consider FMP as one of the best investment I have made in the last 5 years.

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