Understanding The Myths Of Market Trends & Patterns – Free Ebook

This ebook was made to show you the main confusing Forex elements and help Forex traders to become successful and stay successful. The information is presented in a understandable way for newcomers and additionally professional traders that want to make improvements to their trading methodology and improve their effectiveness. You will understand by stressing the traditional flaws and often showing clear but neglected trading ways.

Many traders begin by asking the right question: “What’s the current forex market trend? ”, but then a lot of them are not able to identify the trend appropriately and nearly all traders pass up the subsequent real question: “How trusted is the current
trend? ”

If you do not take the trend into consideration, you will frequently be fooled by opening low winning-probability trades. Trend is your friend. By following the trend it can only be a lot better. However , you have to differentiate between real trend and very
attractive price action that wants to manipulate with your feelings.

You will also grasp the fundamental concepts behind chart patterns, how to draw strong trend lines, how to identify the patterns and how to trade them. We constantly keep trading simple and therefore we focus only on the most reliable
chart patterns. With the following education, it will be possible to spot the patterns resulting in explosive price movements and then trade profitably with it.


Section 1 – Trends
The Myth Of Market Trend
How To Increase The Profitability Of Any System
How To Determine The Trend
What Is A Trend Drawdown
Protecting Against Volatility
The Ultimate Solution

Section 2 – Patterns
How To Draw Trend Lines
Examples: Good Trend Lines Vs. Bad Trend Lines
“Triangles, Flags, Wedges…”
How To Trade Chart Patterns
Recognizing Chart Patterns

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