9 Top Forex Forums List

9 Top Forex Forums List & 4 Reasons Why You Should Join them

Online forex forums is one of the best tools that help traders to gain the trusted information about the currency market. Joining a forex forum is a MUST for every successful forex traders.

By being an active member in the forex forum community, you will be able to update yourself on the latest changes in the currency market. Forums like forex factory forum and dailyfx forum and others (read the full list at the end of this article) are the best place to start your activity in the online forex community.

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Why Joining a Forex Forum Is a Good Habit?

Below are some very important features which indicates why joining an online forex forum is a Must for forex traders.

1. You will be connected with other traders from all over the world such as USA, UK, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Singapore, Egypt, and all other countries. It is also one of the best places to interact with other traders like you from all skill levels. You will also get valuable tips and advises from other advanced traders about the currency pairs they trade in.

2. Another advantage for joining an online forex forum is that you will learn new trading strategies from new traders you meet on these forums. Also you will learn the best way to improve your trading style in order to minimize your loosing probabilities to its minimum.

By meeting new people you will be able to learn new things. And along with that we will be gaining some new experience also. A Forex forum is also used for sharing the views and advices.

3. In forex forums you always will find an advisor ready to give you and other traders all the needed suggestions and advises to trade the forex market in an efficient way. These suggestions are a result of a thorough analysis for the market and the current conditions that promise of a great winning trades.

4. The most efficient method of learning forex trading comes through asking questions which you can do all the time in the forex forums. You can get unique trading ideas from various traders.

When you ask questions, you will get answers from many traders, you also may find an answer to your question before even asking, this is because your question has probably been answered before from different perspectives.

How to search for online forex forums on the internet:

The best place to search for forex forums on the internet is Google, you gust type in the search box: “forex forums” and you will get an enough number of high authority of forex forums list to join.

But if you wish to get a huge list of forex forum you can use this advanced search parameter:

inurl:/forumdisplay.php “forex”

By using this search term, the search results outcome will be restricted only to forex forum sites.

9 Most Respected Forex Forums Online

Below is a list for the top 9 Forex forums online, arranged by the total number of members in each forum

Forex Mentor PRO Private Forum (Paid forum)

Forex-Forum-od-Forex-Mentor-ProThis one is a paid forum, and is a part of Forex Mentor Pro training course (more details about this forex training course here). It’s run by full time professional trader, Pierre.

Pierre is available during the London & early New York Sessions to offer help & advice. If you are planning a trade and are unsure then ask Pierre for his opinion.

Unlike some of the public forums there are no ego’s in this private forum. If you have a question just ask, they will be always happy to offer true help.

In the forum you will meet experienced traders from all over the world, Egypt, UK, India, Pakistan, Dubai, Italy…etc.So if you are unable to trade whilst Pierre is away, you will find someone in the forum online with whom you can chat ask advice.

“The FMP private forum is literally a chatroom where everybody tells each other what trades they’re in and taking and why. This truly is the best educational tool on the site. There’s always someone available to ask questions to and bounce ideas off of and it’s always buzzing on a Friday with all the happy people who’ve made hundreds of pips for the week.”    Andy, UK

Top Forex Forums List


Forex Factory Forum
Members: 362,978
Alexa: 2,566
Registration: Closed

T2W Forum
Members: 331,986
Alexa: 65,245

MT5 Forex Forum
facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/forum.mt5/
Members: 80,496
Alexa: 10,448

Elite trader Forex Forum
Members: 77,363
Alexa: 61,215

Forex Peace Army Forum
Members: 42,059
Alexa: 16,954

OANDA Forex Forum
Members: 31,767
Alexa: 3,246

Earn Forex Forum
Members: 25,900
Alexa: 36,009

DailyFX Forex Forum
Members: Unknown
Alexa: 846,215


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