How to Protect Your Trades from Stop Loss Hunting by Forex Brokers – FREE eBook


Brokers offer different spreads for different currency pairs. Spread is not the only way that Forex brokers make money. It is one of the ways that Forex brokers make money.

This ebook describes how Forex brokers make money from Forex trading. The author starts by explaining that Forex brokers earn money when traders take positions, specifically by charging pips when traders buy currency pairs. The number of pips that brokers impose on buying a currency pair is known as the “spread.”

Forex brokers offer different spreads for different currency pairs. The spread is not the only way that Forex brokers earn money, with other methods including swap and commission. The author specifically mentions that market maker brokers who pose as ECN/STP brokers earn money through commission.

The author’s aim is to educate Forex traders on the various ways that Forex brokers earn money. By understanding the various sources of income for Forex brokers, traders can make more informed decisions about which brokers to work with and how to navigate the Forex market more effectively.

The information provided in this eBook can also help traders make sense of the costs associated with Forex trading, such as spreads and commissions, and choose the right brokers for their trading needs.

Read in this eBook how Forex brokers hunt stop loss and how you can protect yourself against them…

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