Getting Started With Forex Robots: My Secret to Profitable Automated Trading – Free eBook


Many people lose money trading Forex. In fact, most traders who trade Forex lose money – all of their first account, usually within just a few months.

This eBook is a comprehensive guide to help traders understand the benefits and importance of using automated trading systems in Forex trading. The author shares his personal experience and insights on why he loves using Forex trading robots and why he trusts them to follow his trading plan.

With that said, robots do the following things to help reduce that risk:

  • They stop out of trades when they are supposed to (instead of holding onto a loss forever).
  • They do not get worried when they have a few losses in a row.
  • They do not skip trades because they “see something on the chart that makes them doubt the trade”.
  • They take profit when they are supposed to. And so on….

The eBook explains that one of the biggest challenges for traders is to stick to their trading plan. This is because emotions such as FEAR and GREED can often take over, causing traders to make impulsive decisions that go against their plan.

The author emphasizes that this is where automated trading robots can be very helpful, as they follow the plan objectively and execute trades based on pre-defined rules and algorithms.

This eBook will show you why I love Forex trading robots, why I trust them to follow the plan, and why I cannot always trust myself to follow my plan and why robots are really good for me….

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